Precision, Strength and Control

Developed in New York City, Seattle, Berlin, Munich, Zürich and Guangdong.

Made in Guangdong, China

The Solá Equipment Street Frames were born from a dialogue between Kyle Solá and Dominik Wagner regarding the optimal flat-rocker frame, and the reintroduction of a lightweight metal construction into street skating.

The feedback-driven development process lead to the prototyping of the first development prototypes in 2015, with continued development and testing through to the final production.

Technical Specifications

Streamlined Frame Body

Extruded 6061 T6 hardened aluminum, CNC milled into it's final shape

Treated with a surface-hardening anodized finish

Laser engraved with model specifications and specific production lot number

Universal Frame System (UFS) bolt configuration to fit all corresponding boots

Replaceable H-block System

The replaceable H-Block is made from a naturally slick and wear resistant injection-molded polymer for all-around street or park skating

One-Way Axels

The CNC turned, 7000 series aluminum axels screw directly into frame walls, reducing weight and complexity

10mm deep cavity helps to keep bolt heads from stripping with regular use

A nylon patch is bonded to the threads, adding friction to resist loosening from vibration

Two extra axels provided in each package